Ep. 11: Everything Just Goes In The Manhole


BACK AT IT AGAIN!! Nero and Iris (formerly Ian!) are serving up an episode all about writing and scripting– the part of making comics most people seem to have a much harder time talking about than the drawing part. We also have a monster-size recommended reading section this week.

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Skeen’s Leap, by Jo Clayton: http://www.alibris.com/Skeens-Leap-Jo-Cl…sort=p&matches=42
Watchmen, by beardy guy and the other guy – like, check any bookstore, anywhere, who gives a shit you’ve probably read this already
Massive: Gay Japanese Manga and the Men Who Make It, by Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins and Chip Kidd: http://www.alibris.com/Massive-Gay-Japan…093670?matches=22
As The Crow Flies, by Melanie Gillman – http://www.melaniegillman.com/
Posibilia, by Barroo – http://posibilia.tumblr.com/
Floraverse, by Glitched Puppet (&co.): http://floraverse.com/

THIS WEEK’S THEME: “The Cute”, by Clarence Clarity. Seriously, listen to his whole album, it’s absolutely bananas: www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7jpBhfM83A

NEXT EP: probably some time last week of March??? Also we might be switching podcast hosting sites soon. WE’LL KEEP YOU POSTED, IN THE MEANTIME KEEP DRAWING

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