EP. 2: The Dank Knight Retokes

It’s been a weird two weeks since our last episode! In this installment of Guttermouthing, we discuss:

  • Oni Press is open for submissions on May 1st!
  • Tony Millionaire vs. the Baltimore City Paper, and “questionable content” creators
  • Frank Cho’s House of Ruth donation, and looking gift horses straight in the mouth
  • Brian Michael Bendis writing Iceman as gay, and the problem with straight people writing queer characters
  • Batman Vs. Superman, and whether there’s any facet of this that doesn’t look totally absurd
  • Simon Hanselmann. Dude, just, like, what happened? Is everything okay??


Title Music – “Rook To Queen’s Pawn Six” by Fujiya & Miyagi

Also, sorry about all the kitty noises. Reese was really excited and kept jumping up on Nero’s desk. Unless you like kitty noises, in which case this episode has SO MANY KITTY NOISES.

– IJ & NO!

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