Ep. 7: Cum Or Die, Dude


PUT THE KIDS TO BED! CLOSE THE BLINDS! SNAP ON THOSE BIG-ASS NOISE-CANCELLING HEADPHONES! We get down and dirty with the most sssssensual episode of GUTTERMOUTHING yet. (It’s not actually that erotic. But we do talk about porn comics for like a solid hour!)

– Porn process. How do you make it? Why do you make it? What drives you?
– A couple words about a couple words, and why we should think about why we use them
– Watch out for gross people!
– A big list of artists whose work we actually think WOULD represent the erotic furry comic scene pretty ok (Chris Goodwin, Mouse Arthur, Art Decade, Austin Holcomb, Moult, Lobst, Ritts… god, I think we mentioned some others in there too)
– Basically: it’s cool to like porn in 2015, but only if you stay REALLY FUCKING AWARE about why you like the stuff you like and how that influences how you act in the real, actual world

– the Moomin series by Tove Jansson – www.alibris.com/Moomin-The-Deluxe…169014?matches=17
– Wandering Son by Shimura Takako – www.alibris.com/Wandering-Son-Vol…103941?matches=19

Title music: “Yay” by Zammuto

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